STEM Game Download

This is the official 100% legit not fake cool 5/5 rating download for my level three final


To download, simply click on the link on the bottom of this page. Make sure you get the version that is correct for your OS!


Your game will arrive in a zipped file. To install on Windows, go to your download folder and locate the zip (either " or Right click on it and select "Extract All". Tell it where you want it to be and then extract it. Go to the folder in which you extracted it to. (By default it is your downloads folder) and find the FOLDER which has the same name as the zip. Don't open the zip, open the folder. Find the .exe file and run it.

On MacOS you can download the zip and double click it. The files will be extracted and you can open it from there (under If it refuses to open because it is from an unknown developer, You will have to go through the System Preferences --> Security -> Run Anyway ordeal.


W - Move foward

A - Move backwards

S - Move Left

A- Move right

Space - Jump

Left Shift - Run

To close the program:

On Mac, do Command + Tab to switch tabs. Right click on it on the dock and quit it.

On Windows, you can do either Alt + F4 or do Alt + Tab and switch windows to close it. 


Mac Windows